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Taking too much time in building Angular multi-module project

Hi community, I am a mid-level Angular developer and currently working on a Multi-Module web application being developed using Angular11
For my LOCAL Dev & Unit testing, I am following the below steps.
Step-1: Write/change code
Step-2: Run npm start on one of project module module
(ng build nsd-common-lib-module && cd dist && cd nsd-common-lib-module && npm pack)
Step-3: A .tgz file created on the local folder
Step-4: I use to Install the .tgz file on other dependent modules
Step-5: Npm start the other modules

Problem I am facing: Above steps took too much time even I did a small text/code change. So help me in case there is some best practices for LOCAL Dev & Unit testing of Angular11 multi-module project where I can do fast debugging.

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