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what is JAMstack?

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By definition, JAMstack is an alternative approach for building websites - the JAM here stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markdown. For you, it means faster websites with better SEO ranking capabilities and happier users overall.

We build them using battle-tested technologies like GatsbyJS, Hugo, Contentful, Netlify, and other headless CMSes.

To put it as simply as possible, JAMstack is a handy abbreviation coined by Mathias Biilmann, the CEO of Netlify and it stands for JavaScript, APIs, and Markup.

It represents a modern web development architecture that gives devs an opportunity to rely on the advantages of a static website, which include better web performance and security benefits, while still retaining the dynamic attributes of a database-oriented CMS without the database.

It’s imperative to point out that with JAMstack the rules and benefits are quite self-explanatory and straightforward:

  • JavaScript (on the client-side) is carrying out dynamic programming during the request/response cycle.

  • Reusable APIs are accessed via HTTPS with JavaScript abstract all server-side processes or database actions.

  • The templated markup ought to be prebuilt at deploy time, utilizing a site generator or a build tool for web apps.

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So, Netlify is pretty public about "JAMstack" being a marketing term they invented --- but isn't it just a "website" - that isn't a single-page-app?

For example, isn't a PHP page with a little JavaScript on it - still in that realm? Or do you think that the pages need to be prerendered to be 'official' ?

The values behind it are great / but it seems kinda crazy to get so reliant on React - for some basically 'classic' HTML pages. What do you think?


for basic needs relaying on JAMstack is not a wise idea 😅. The biggest advantage of JAMstack is performance ⚡ along with other