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re: i research on websql and sqlite, how is the performance on a 500k - 1 million rows i do alot java ee, and performance is crucial havent work sqlite...

Here's a good overview of when to use sqlite :

Querying 500K - 1M rows of well structured and indexed data won't be the problem (unless you want to do very complex queries), it's more likely that concurrent writes will be your bottleneck, but in your use-case it doesn't seem like you'll have that problem ?

Hope that helps !

Hi thanks for the reply,my plan is to switch to hosted mysql for collaboration, so use sqlite for single user ,over electron basically like excel, do i face concurrency using single user,mostly multiple promise chain query?

Using it as a mysql caching layer for single-user should work smoothly. At worst, if you face performance issues you can trim old data.

Make sure to check out better-sqlite3. It offers a sync, fast API for sqlite.

thanks for the all the help. off to read the docs on sqlite but be best contender

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