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Discussion on: How to Set Up a Mac for Web Development

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Hasse R. Hansen

Why do you suggest Chrome is good enough if you're new?

Unless you're on a really old mac, git is installed by default.

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Michael Uloth Author

Thanks for the questions!

I suggest Chrome simply because I don't want beginners to get too stuck on the decision. Either browser is great, and experienced devs can choose any browser they like. For anyone who prefers a definitive recommendation, I chose Chrome because of its excellent developer tools and integrated Lighthouse audits.

I haven't found that Git is installed by default on my Macs (e.g. I had to reinstall it after upgrading to Mojave). If you've found that it's there on yours, that's great. I started each step in the article with checking if the tool is already installed - if so, you're good to go!