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Discussion on: Don't believe the hype.

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Randal Vance Cunanan

Being an early adaptor of a technology is synonymous to buying stocks. If the technology or tool becomes popular, you are one of the very first experts of it. If it doesn't, then some of your time is wasted (although not totally as you can still apply some concepts you have learned in other tools).

For me, I don't use shiny tools for my personal and work projects, but wait for them to be stable first, probably even when the second major version is released.

I still try out the shiny tools just to play around with it, but not to create a real project. I keep my eye on it and stay updated until I can finally decide it's ready to be used in real projects.

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Chris Bertrand Author

Totally. Try it, have a play, see what is offered and make your own decision. That's what I'm advocating. It's the buzz around certain technologies that can blindside people. You know... Hype. 🙈