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Anyone still writing desktop applications?

Randel Ramirez
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I'm just curious to know...these days most of the applications being written are in the form SaaS, Web Application, and Mobile Application, now, I'm just wondering to those who are still currently and actively working on desktop application regarding their experience.

1.) What are you using to create desktop applications?

2.) While most(if not all) desktop applications are being rewritten as web/mobile applications, do you guys see a benefit for those who are still learning to be a developer to invest in learning things like WPF, or desktop applications in general?

3.) Do you think web/mobile applications are really going to replace all desktop applications, or perhaps desktop applications might rise again or if I may so... be popular again?

I'm a Software Engineer and most of the projects(personal and work) I've been a part of or created personally are Web Applications, and recently I've been investing time on mobile app development.

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Adrian B.G.

As I keep in touch with multiple companies trough my network and meetups, I never heard of a new project being built as a desktop app, at least in the last 3-5 years, only as web apps.

There are legacy projects though, only ones I know are accounting/laws or internal tools.

But again my experience is limited in this domain.

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Randel Ramirez Author

Well, that's not a surprise, with the advent of smart phones most are applications are written as a web application/web api that can be either consumed by an actual web app or mobile app. Thanks! really curious regarding this topic.

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Paul Lefebvre

When I was doing consulting, most of the apps I made were desktop apps. This admittedly was more than a few years ago, so things have probably switched a bit more in the web/mobile app direction.

I suppose it depends on who the app is for. I suspect most users in an office-type environment would prefer a desktop app over a slower, web apps. But IT folks love web apps for their much easier deployment, if not the greater security risks that seems to come along with them.

I think things like Electron are bringing desktop apps back in favor, even if Electron makes for horrible desktop apps since they're not native and very resource-intensive.

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Randel Ramirez Author

Thanks for sharing your experience!