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The position was impossible to work in, it was advertised as a "professional work environment with exceptional developers" biggest amount of bs I've ever read. Hired as a network developer no one worked until a few days before the deadline, we were given a project that had to be done within 3 months. Okay wasn't impossible so I got straight to it designing the architecture, writing our requirements for the company to buy, specifications etc. My colleagues, on the other hand, were working on the UI, 2 and a half months in all they had done was watched Netflix, YouTube and some days didn't even come in leaving me in the office alone. When it finally came round to them getting their work done I was bombarded with questions, basic questions that any "exceptional developer" should know. Me as a network dev I didn't touch UIs, in all honesty, I don't like making them, they're just not for me. To get this project finished I had to write 90% of the UI system for them as they didn't know what they were doing, it became very obvious that they had either faked their degrees (or past experience) and followed some tutorials online. Once it came to handing over the Git repo the company asked why I had written the majority of the code, they tried to say that because I merged branches it shown up as I had written all of it...Not really how Git works.

The company we did the project for said that it was clear that I had written the entire project and gave me a huge bonus alongside my payment. Left the company I was working for after that with no plans where I was going to go next. I was just glad that I was out of that place, I don't mind if people need a little downtime every now and again but when you're just watching Netflix for 2 and a half months and doing no work entirely that just took the piss.

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