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So my first actual job was a somewhat major job I was given the task of writing some back end framework in C# for a support companies control panel. I found myself working with 6 other developers all of which are very talented in their field and at the time I felt very intimidated by them, they knew a lot more than me. I always feared that no matter what code I wrote or how I designed something they would always end up criticising my work.

After dealing with depression for a long time I started to get depressed because I was always comparing myself against other people and their talents. I felt like I didn't belong in the development industry because my colleagues at the time were way smarter than me.

However I overcame this issue in a few simple steps that I taught myself and some advice from someone I work with (I'm a volunteer at a games network also)

1: You are who you are, mistakes are made for learning

This is a quote from an admin from a network I volunteer at. Since I've been volunteering with them their team of admins a lot of them has supported me and other staff members in our dreams, they all have had dreams of being in an industry where they are now

2: Inspiration

My inspiration is a little weird. I found inspiration by being around a Minecraft network. Being on this network actually inspired me to learn development, they are taking the game to a whole new level by doing things that aren't meant to be possible in the standard game

3: Learning

One my favourite things about development in general is that it is always about learning no matter what field of work you're in. Myself I find learning new things everyday whether it be a new method to perform a certain task or some new API's/Libraries that can make one thing a whole ton easier.

4: Future

I often say to my family and friends to "make today the best you can as your future will be brighter if you do." Our future is what will define our life, by doing our best today it will make our future brighter. Yes there will be someday's where we don't perform at our best but we can look back on those days and see what we can do to improve.

I've been in the industry for about 4 years now and every day I remind myself of those four points above for the simple reason of I want to make my future the best it can be, I enjoy learning and one day hope to help others enjoy development as much as I and many others do.

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