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I agree with John. Every day of my week is pre-scheduled by the week before. Seeing as I have a very bad sleep schedule I tend to wake up between 11AM and 1PM and sleep at around 2AM-4AM but this is due to the company I work for is based in Australia and I work remotely from Britain. Currently my day normally consists of me waking up, all the usual stuff breakfast, errands and such. About 2 hours after I've woken up I'll begin to work on a side project that I've been working on for a couple of months.

I'm not scheduled for any specific time to start work I just have to do a specific amount of hours per week in order to meet the requirements. Along with what you mentioned on the side project I like to work on side projects before actually going into my real work, I feel like they help boost efficiency, wake you up a bit, help get your brain get going.

I know within the next couple of weeks this will completely change for me as I'm starting university on the 18th so the balance will be all over the place. But having everything scheduled really does help.

We also can never forget to schedule a time to check here now can we!


That's an interesting schedule. Cool to see how much schedules vary from person to person but can still produce the same level of productivity. Thanks for sharing.

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