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Awesome resources for learning to code

rattanakchea profile image Rattanak Chea ・2 min read

Some people learn best by reading textbooks. While others prefer watching video tutorials, or reading tech blogs. Others just learn by working on real world projects. There is no one size fit all. The list below is subjective.


  1. Leetcode. This is my favorite coding site because it contains a variety of challenging questions and algorithms. Plus, it supports many programming languages.
  2. InterviewCake. I subscribed InterviewCake site and got a free weekly challenge question. It is a great way to set a reminder to practice and improve coding skills.

Video tutorials

  • Pluralsight
  • Lynda

Pluralsight and Lynda are great for learners both students and professionals of all levels. These two paid subscription services have a vast collection of video tutorials for many fields of study. However, because technology is changing rapidly, some contents are out of date. And you also want to be little picky when choosing an instructor and a course to invest your time with.

  • Egghead. contains short, instructional video tutorials. It seems to target specific tasks suitable for on the job applications.


  • What I likes most about is an engaging community, great in-depth topics and real work experience shared by the community.
  • It is quite often that a Google search of a particular topic lands me on Medium site. It goes to say that it has a great number of contributors and writers for many practical topics and hand-on tutorials.


If you are a fan of reading textbooks from well known authors. Here a few I like.

  • O’reilly publication. I started out my web developer career by reading a few books from O’reilly. I think they are worth the read.
  • Manning publication. I like their books and writing approaches to each topic.

Learn by specific topic

  • Stackoverflow. An indispensable tool for Q&A
  • If you want to learn specific topic such as Node.js, PHP, or Rails, there are websites dedicated to those domains, (e.g. Laracasts for PHP)

This is by no mean a complete list of available resources on the web. I did not intend this post to be a review of the resources. Therefore, I keep each bullet as short as possible. If you are reading this, you have probably heard of most of the sites listed above, if not all. Please comment below if you know a good one. As a lifelong learner, I am always excited to explore and learn.

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aolivier profile image

Personally I spend time on it's full of exercises on different languages, and after you submit, your code is reviewed by the community ( and you can compare your solution with the other )

pratikaambani profile image
Pratik Ambani

Seems you forgot to mention Udemy, recently trending a lot and newbies.

rattanakchea profile image
Rattanak Chea Author

Yes I did forget. I purchased several courses on Udemy myself.

pratikaambani profile image
Pratik Ambani

*among newbies.. #typo

damcosset profile image
Damien Cosset

I personally really enjoyed learning with Treehouse. I found the cost to be very reasonable.

ryhenness profile image

I agree with you. I remember spending hours and hours on Treehouse when I was first learning.

rattanakchea profile image
Rattanak Chea Author

I love the video quality of Treehouse, but it tends to be beginner level and verbose.