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If you believed it's a wasteland then it sure is just like couple of other developers think who clearly judge it via code or the problems they think the PHP has. I've made lot of custom WordPress themes for majority of our clients as it offers more flexibility and has good user experience/content management system which our clients absolutely love. But ofcourse we also make lot of SaaS products for which we use React or Vue and let's agree creating a content management system from scratch sucks. There are time constraints as well as the client budget. You won't sell a bike to the customer who came to buy a car but instead you suggest a cheaper car alternative which they can consider. As for us we like WordPress cuz it saves most of our time, we don't like wordpress themes very much but there are few really good themes too. The WordPress plugins feature is absolutely amazing and I haven't seen any content management system with so much variety for the plugins or third party integration. Imagine creating a content management system using Laravel or React from scratch for a cheap client who also wants various SEO features. Would that be productive? These days you can also use headless WordPress and connect it with your favourite JavaScript framework. We recently created an e-commerce android application for which we are fetching data from the WordPress REST API, which is super cool. People don't like a product just on what language or framework it's built on, they like it if it solves there purpose with ease. And I think WordPress do this pretty amazing. Not to forget WordCamps which welcome everyone :)

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