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Discussion on: What CSS Framework Should You Learn? CSS vs Bootstrap vs Tailwind CSS

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it hasn't recently emerged's been about 10-15 years since people jumped on jQuery without knowing JS, and after that React/Vue/Angular.
Same with CSS it's been Bootstrap, LESS, SASS, SCSS

All these people are pretty much useless when it comes to debugging sites because unless it's built with their tools and stack they can't figure out what's wrong.

Knowing the base languages is best, learning to use frameworks is useful, but should be understood to be secondary to understanding the languages if you want to be a decent developer.
I'm not even saying good or great, that takes attention to detail, great communication, the ability to see the big picture and understand business needs and UI/UX and so on, things that only come with time and experience, and only if you experience the right things.

As a friend once said when i asked him how many good developers there are in the world. "About 5"....the old i get, the more i feel this is true. Note, i'm not one of them, i just fix things.

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Zahab Kakar Author

You are right!
Maybe becoming a good developer is the most difficult task for a developer.