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Shopify's Ruby monolith, common PostgreSQL bottlenecks, and Wikipedia's new look

Hi folks,

Welcome back to Performance Matters. It's been another big week here at Raygun with the launch of XHR-level detail for response codes. This latest feature is part of our journey to provide best-in-class support for single-page applications ⚡️

In this edition, we're diving deep into the state of Shopify's monolith, we have a guide to solving common PostgreSQL issues, plus why Wikipedia is getting a new look 👀


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Under deconstruction: The state of Shopify's monolith

Shopify's core monolith has over 2.8 million lines of Ruby code and 500,000 commits. Over three years ago, Shopify founded a team to investigate how to make their Rails monoliths more modular by creating smaller, independent units of code.

See the progress (and learnings)

PostgreSQL Performance Issues

Step-by-step guide on using PG Extras library to spot and resolve common PostgreSQL issues.

Read the guide

My website is slow, now what?

You built a great-looking, feature-rich website. But it also has a big problem: it’s just too slow.

What do you do?


Microsoft outage brings down Azure, Office 365, and Teams

Some users were unable to log into Microsoft's Office 365, Teams, Outlook, and other offerings for three hours late on Monday US time, due to a botched upgrade. Worryingly, the US also suffered an interruption to 911 emergency call services at the same time.

Find out what happened


Wikipedia is getting a new look for the first time in 10 years

Wikipedia has remained a critical and widely-used resource for knowledge across the world for the past two decades and it's about to get a series of improvements.

Here's why

SIGNAL 2020 – Now available on-demand

Twilio’s annual customer and developer conference brings a ton of developers and tech leaders together to help build better customer communications and experiences. This year's event has just wrapped up but now all the content is available on-demand.

Check it out

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