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APM workflows, performance and emotion, and PS5 crashing Walmart's website

Hey folks,

Welcome back to yet another edition of Performance Matters, your hub for software performance tips, tricks, and news.

Do you feel as though you have an effective APM workflow? Well, this week we're digging deep and providing 3 powerful workflows that you can use with Raygun. We'll also be looking into how emotion and performance are correlated, the PS5 launch taking down Walmart's website and more.


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How to build 3 powerful APM workflows with Raygun

There are many ways we can approach improving application performance on any given day. By the end of this article, you’ll have a powerful new APM workflow at each stage of your SDLC that will help you detect, diagnose, and resolve performance problems.

Improve your workflow

Performance's impact on emotion

How does your site make users feel? Performance and emotion are more closely intertwined than you think.

Delight your users

Back/forward cache

Optimize your pages for instant loads when using the browser's back and forward buttons.

Reap the benefits


Walmart disappointed several gamers this week

With the release of the brand new PS5, it should come as no surprise that gamers flooded to retailers stocking the elusive console in record numbers. Unfortunately, Walmart's website couldn't keep up with the demand.

The power of gamers


The speed geek's favorite time of year

Passionate about a topic? Working on a new tool? Have a technique you want to teach? Research you’ve done? Tell the web performance community!

Make a contribution

The results are in!

If the Google Page Experience Update was rolling out in December 2020, how ready and optimized do you think your site(s) would be?

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 • Edited

I had a few legacy ruby gems leaking memory recently and no easy way to visualize the ruby heap stack to find out. I was like, oh gee, I should have figured out how to install RayGun agent.