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Keeping Netflix reliable, tech leaders' views on customer experience, and the Advent of Code

Hi folks,

Welcome back to Performance Matters. This time, we're proud to bring you the recording from our live Tech Leaders event. With Raygun's CEO John-Daniel Trask at the helm, the conversation brought together a wealth of insights into how to prioritize the customer during design and development.

Read on for the latest engineering article from Netflix, the t-shirt inspired by 40ms of latency, and the holiday challenge Avent of Code is almost here.


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How tech leaders are prioritizing customer experience

In today’s climate, companies are faced with many challenges. But one thing should remain the same — the focus on delivering value to the customer. Raygun's latest Tech Leaders' Panel brought this sentiment front-and-center.

Read the highlights and watch the full panel

Keeping Netflix reliable

The Netflix engineering team share how they build a more resilient system with load shedding.

Read the breakdown

40 milliseconds of latency

Rachelbythebay recalls no matter what the team tried, 40 milliseconds of latency remained.

See where it was found


Hacking Apple

A white-hat hacker team of 20-year olds spent three months hacking into Apple. They found 55 vulnerabilities, 11 of them critical, potentially earning the team half a million dollars.

Read the overview

The large-scale AWS outage

At the time of writing this edition of Performance Matters, AWS is currently having an outage, taking a portion of the internet down with it.

View the status page


The Advent of Code is here

A fun and collaborative project for you and your team to get involved in is the Advent of Code challenge. A new coding challenge unlocks every day from December 1st.

Join in and create a leaderboard

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