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Discussion on: Why Are Some Developers so Allergic to IDEs?

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Howdy, Oleksii!

In my opinion, sometimes, is just because it is cool to hate.

I can agree that fast and small editions and file preview are better done on text editor. I do love them (specially Vim) and I did have "a phase" where I had hate for IDEs - probably this was related with my frustration towards Java and my city's employment landscape on that language. Perhaps, it was just me trying to be cool and starting to work with script languages.

Also, having old computers that couldn't cope with IDEs was also a drive for my "hate" on IDEs. However, as I grew up on the field and started working with Java again (and PHP sideways), I got used to IDEs again and and to love one thing on them: code navigation.

Jump around from method declaration to their definition; having a "true" autocompletion aware of my code, libraries and the language itself is a bliss. And this is what I most miss when working on editors. More them debugging.

Debugging out of the box is great, also. Specially when you don't need to configure 1000 extra plugins to be able to do so. No - using Vim with GDB is not as fluid as it is on PyCharm.

Refactoring is another great thing that IDEs can do for you without much effort. "But I can do refactoring with tool X and Y" - yes, but that it is, again, not that fluid.

"But if you install plugin X, Y, Z, A, B, C and D, you can do everything that you said inside VSCode (or the new hip text editor)" - if you need and are installing that many plugins, let's face it, your text editor is more like and IDE than a text editor

And memory consumption is not that low on VSCode (just using it again, since it is the used a lot nowadays).

Ok, you can say you are very productive with a text editor or you just don't like working with IDEs - it is a matter of taste. However, there is some hate on IDEs just for the sake of hatting IDEs.