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Discussion on: What you prefer svelte or react?

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Rafael de Azevedo

Svelte has conventions that can be considered a bit idiosyncratic, but are justified by its "keep it simple" philosophy. It is indeed comparatively performant (even though it is only significant in edge cases such as JS apps that are intensively reactive, targeted at low latency networks or embedded devices). Because Svelte's "compile step" strategy has generated a lot of discussion, it might influence future changes in how other view libraries (including React) deal with DOM manipulation.

The biggest downside of Svelte is that it lacks maturity. But I like its approach very much, and hope the industry sets a special place for it in the future.

PS: as a reinforcement of a point present in other replies to this post, I'd like to stress that if you are an aspiring developer, you are better off not getting caught up with questions of this sort. Ideally, people just starting out concentrate their efforts in becoming familiarized with core Web technologies (the HTML/CSS/JS triumvirate) and how they relate to abstractions such as Svelte or React