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Discussion on: Has anyone used Okta?

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Randall Degges

I work at Okta, but we use the Okta product every day at work, so I'll only comment on it as a user.

Does it work well? Ya! it's super simple/nice. I use it to log into all of my work apps.

Is implementing it difficult? No... Although it depends on what services you want to configure it with. Most of the work is just exchanging credentials initially. There are a lot of docs/videos/courses you can do if you want help.

Are there any valid security concerns? The only one I can think of is that Okta is going to become a single-point-of-failure for your users. So instead of having users sign into each service directly, they'll now sign into each service through Okta. So if Okta goes down or gets hacked, the risk is larger. But that said: Okta's gone through a ton of security audits and spent a lotttt of $$$ on this sort of prevention. It's a large publicly traded company with a lot of resources.

What's my personal view on it? I like it. I didn't know anything about Okta before working here but the service is top notch. It's going to be annoying if I ever leave Okta and have to work someplace without it. I remember at my last company we had a shared lastpass account with a million passwords in it. Half the time some service would force someone to change a password and they wouldn't update it in lastpass and then bam: shit doesn't work and it was crazy annoying.

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Ross Henderson Author

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it!

It does sound like Okta is a great tool and I am excited for if it ever gets implemented. Enterprise-wise SSO sounds like a dream come true and this could easily become a standard SSO service for pretty much anyone.

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Alessandro Annini

May I ask why is Okta better than Auth0, in your opinion?