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My Final Project

It combines the publicly availalbe transport APIs in Dublin City and outputs them in a well documented, easy to use REST and GraphQL API. There is a frontend web app that is used to consume the API!

Demo Link

Link to Code

GitHub logo realshaunoneill / GetOnTrack-API

Backend API for the TransportIreland-Plus app


Backend API for the TransportIreland-Plus app

How I built it

The API runs off a NodeJS backend, using Express to define the routes. The official APIs are interfaced with the exposed API endpoints so that they can be uniform and easy to understand.
The REST endpoints are documented and available at while the GraphQL elements are documented. Available at
The front end is build using NextJS. It uses bulma as a base theme along with custom styled components.

Both the API and web app are deployed to Vercel. The API is deployed as various serverless endpoints. While the app is deployed as a static website.

Additional Thoughts / Feelings / Stories

Absolutly over the moon to be finished! Got a front end job already sorted! Roll on graduation once everything is back to normal!

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Souk Syp. • Edited

Hi Kent, I got a Secure Connection Failed on Firefox following the demo link