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Discussion on: Comparing Elm to React/Redux

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Kevin K. Johnson

Would it be more fair to compare Elm to ReasonML?

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Jason Author

I don't think it would be more or less fair. The point was to show the similarities and how they are not much different, in order to get more people interested in it. If I compared Elm to Reason then not many people would relate to it.

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Florian Hammerschmidt

Absolutely. Both are statically typed languages which compile down to JS (strictly speaking, not ReasonML, but Bucklescript) with a sound type system (other than typescript).

But imho Reason is easier to learn for JS developers, especially React developers, because of syntax similarities. Also, interop (which you probably will need in a bigger project) is better in Reason.

Elm is a cleaner approach though, and is very fitting for smaller, self-contained projects.