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Discussion on: How is your portfolio built?

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Kevin K. Johnson

When it comes to your proficiencies, what does it mean to have HTML + CSS + PHP at 80%? What is 100%?

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Tim Smith Author

I’ve seen this on a lot of portfolios and resumes. I always think it’s a bit odd because either it’s a percentage or grade, or it’s just hard to objectively rate ones skills against others. Just my opinion though.

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Médéric Burlet

I would put 100% at understanding completely the language and all of its quirks, functionalities and more. Some are easier to know than others take HTML there is a finite number of tags in HTML5 and it is easy to know them all. The rating also helps to show within all the skills and competencies which one you are more comfortable with and good with. This is however a personal take, some people might buff it up and when it comes to practical exam they will fail.