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Discussion on: head is locked

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Remy Sharp Author

Oh, my bad - when I looked at the IE11 rendered screenshot I was looking across the top and there was no title, but it is indeed there in the tab.

This screenshot shows that IE11 has indeed managed to read the title even though it's not in the head:

So my key concern is invalid.

Validity and functionality in the old browsers isn't a concern (or one that I raised - I'd never expect IE11 to know what to do with it!) - because it doesn't break the IE11/old browser functionality.

So to close off discussion - you're absolutely right.

I do wonder what motivated the change to bring template into the head element knowing it would trigger closing the head tag. I'd guess the impact is limited as all the elements that normally reside in the head still work when they're in the body. Interestings but doubt if we'll ever know :)