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re: Personally if i am developing PHP applications i am using PhpStorm, and if i am developing JS app's i am using WebStorm. One of the examples would ...

Awesome, thanks for the explanation! I will definitely check out WebStorm.
I am really curious about the default setup — probably I'm missing out on some really great plugins that don't come by default in PhpStorm. 🚀 Nevertheless, they are both very powerful tools. I just love using JetBrains' stuff.

Your welcome. I attached the thing that is different in a way of debuging code. You'll clearly see differences. Yes they are really powerful tools, but yet again you get really spoiled by it, gets you lazy in some ways of handling for example git, leaving IDE to do all the work for you. After all i think it is just habit in a way what IDE you will use.

Debugging is definitely worth checking by itself!

And I agree about the spoiling. I believe it's not the best tool for people just getting familiar with all the tools and concepts. It's a shortcut that should be used with caution and with deeper understanding. But I honestly love the way the Storms handle git. I really rarely need to use the terminal. It is a huge productivity boost for a lot of the stuff

Totally agree with everything you said :)

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