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re: Yes! It’s nice to see the pros of static type analysis properly represented. But honestly, I’d just like to see people give the tooling a shot. On...

Speaking of tooling, I forgot to mention Babel's integration with TypeScript via @babel/preset-typescript on the post, which was a game changer indeed. For large projects already tied to the Babel toolchain, it's finally safe to include TS into the toolchain, while keeping all the great features of Babel. It also allows you to use the many plugins that the ecosystem provides (e.g. babel-plugin-styled-components).

Oh, and all @babel/preset-typescript does was strip out the type checking, type-checking is still done by the TS service (and is pluggable to a CI service). Which is really useful for those who want to edit, save, and preview/debug quickly without type errors constantly blaring at them. :)

Don’t forget how awesome Create-React-App —TypeScript is. It just works! :)

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