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Will last as long as Angular lasts

This is IMO also a point of view often exacerbated by the misconception that "TypeScript only works for Angular", or even "TypeScript is built for Angular".

In reality, TypeScript had existed years before Angular 2 came out. In fact, earlier versions of Angular depend on AtScript, a superset of TypeScript which adds decorators, which became baked in with TypeScript when initial proposals for decorators were released.

Despite that, TypeScript also works on all of the major frameworks, with Vue (as you mentioned) and React, and the TS team really have been working hard on making TS better support them over the past few years. I'd even argue that the React developer experience in TS to be even better than the Angular DX in TS. Adding support for JSX in TS was really the tipping point that started the whole adoption train going.

Love your post(s), by the way!

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