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re: PHP was the first language I've seriously been into. It's the only language I've know for years. I have been a professional PHP developer as well. ...

This comment seems to be a harsh generalization and proves the point of my article. I don’t think you should throw out the entire language or tell others what to learn just because you don’t like it. If no good software can be built in a language, then it’s fair to question it’s existence. However, if there are hundreds of pieces of functional software in a language then don’t completely write it off.


There is perfectly functional programs written in Brainfuck, doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Once again, many tools can achieve the same results.

And everybody is free to choose whichever tools they like.

But I'm sure as hell not choosing PHP, because it's the most messy and inefficient language I've worked with by far. And I've worked with JavaScript.

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