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re: How was it when you started to code? VIEW POST


I started to code Pascal when i was at school.
I started to code Delphi when learning about OOP and GUI programming
I started to code C/C++ when studying at University.
I started to code Java when studying Design Patterns, Algorithms and web programming.
I started to code Ruby and D3.js when learning Web services with JSON to visualize something in the web.
I started to code ReactJS to do SPA with Javascript.
I started to code Haskell to learn some functional programming, parsing and static typing.
I started to code NodeJS to make interesting stuffs.


What kind of interesting stuff have you made with NodeJS?


Not much. But with NodeJS, i could

  • Easily build my own proxy for the web.
  • Building real server-side rendered website with ReactJS in one language.
  • Easy to scrape the internet.

Do you have any more interesting ideas to do with NodeJS also ? :D

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