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Discussion on: C# and .NET Core Appreciation Post. The most beautiful piece of code I have ever seen... this month!

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Reza • Edited on

Welcome to C# I remember this feeling. In fact, it has happened to me a few times in my career. Always be aware of the industry, but don’t take it too seriously. It’s people like you and I that are shaping the industry. Don’t be scared to make mistakes, but try always to make software that you can be proud of and share what you learn with others.
Side note: Java is also a wonderful high level language with tons of resources around it now, but one of the forces that made it popular was the amount of money that was invested on advertising it. I suggest you check this video on YouTube, who knows you might fall in love with F# one day ;)

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Beautus S Gumede Author

This gives me an idea. After I'm done with the project I've started with. I want to create a clone or similar with F#. With .NET Core also, I think that's going to be very interesting