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Discussion on: Format Date and Time with Vanilla JavaScript

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bob.js Author

Your solution is probably the clearest pattern. I was thinking about the toISOString and having an ability to pull out whole patterns, the problem is that is doesn't take into account the timezone offset.

Maybe something like this ...

const getDateStandard= () => {
  const d = new Date();
  let local = new Date(d);
  local.setMinutes(d.getMinutes() - d.getTimezoneOffset());

  const s_iso = local.toISOString();
  const date = s_iso.substring(0,10);
  const time = s_iso.substring(11,16);
  const dow = local.toDateString().substring(0, 3);

  return `[${date} ${dow} ${time}]`;

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Functional Javascript

That's a great one if one wants to timestamp in UTC time, or another timezone.