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Enter the room shouting "regressions, regressions, regressions" and see what happens 😬

Seriously speaking I think he's wrong saying that, but he might have been bitten by TDD crazies in the past.

What about introducing some chaos in the system by reproducible tests? Or doing integration testing? I feel like he mostly meant unit tests, where I'm sure he could be more reasonable with overall tests that you could break with a change as a demo. To demonstrate the point about regressions ✌🏾


I am trying to get to the point where my tests actually help as much as it is worth a demo with an "I told you" subtext. 😬It is a huge mess of legacy code at the moment that I am dealing with.

So far Cypress E2E is the most helpful tool to catch regressions, but even for that I had to push a few changes because certain things were incompatible or made tests too slow to write and run..


It's going to be a long and winding road.

Legacy code is a boon for tests shine though, I'm sure you'll prove their worth!

Thank you! :)

But I also will need to do these things quietly and as part of whatever I am supposed to do. Apparently, it is not appreciated to log hours just for "automated testing".
I will need to be Piter Parker.

From great power comes great responsibility 😜

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