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Discussion on: JavaScript: Handling errors like Go

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how are you rhymes? thanks for your comment!

well thanks :D hope the same for you

i've being using it for node.js, typescript, flowtype, you name it... and it works pretty well, is just another pattern inside your codebase

Sure, I'm not against it, it's just that in a way you're limited to your perimeter of code, I wouldn't use it in a third party library. Most JS developers expect failure to be escalated to an exception so that if it's synchronous it can be caught and if it's async it can be handled. If suddenly you start returning two-valued arrays you're changing a silent contract. See how complicated it's going to be to change the way Go error handling is done. And Go is nowhere near as popular as JS.

It's not a bad idea inside an app though, as you say, if it's used consistently.

Thank you for your perspective!