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re: Just one remark here, there is (at least in my city) one woman programmer per 10 men programmers. I suspect that this might be a part of the reason...

Hi Darkø, fair point.

But I think there is valid data in there: 58% of acceptance rate if you are easily detectable as a woman, against 70% of women with gender neutral profiles. That's outside the range of error.

One study is not enough to make an iron clad case but if you measure it against women's experience (just talk to them) you'll notice a pattern of their gender being a factor in perception.

And it seems to be happening also to trans men:

I know, a few cases don't make a fool proof opinion, but if you check you'll quickly notice a pattern of women being judged as less worthy "just because"


So you'd trust an anecdote over real data and studies?

The lack of empathy inherent in "I haven't personally experienced ______ so it doesn't exist" is deeply upsetting, really.

Well the article implies the author learned all this stuff through experience. It isn't titled "Things I read about in reports about the IT industry"

Also I said I have not heard of ONE case of this happening outside of "studies". Even one.

So again: if it didn't happen to you personally, it doesn't happen to anyone. Makes sense.

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