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This post I read some time ago mentions plans from moving GitHub off Rails and using different technologies

Didn't know but it make sense:

GitHub is about a third of the way through an architectural change that began last year. The company is moving away from Ruby on Rails toward a more heterogeneous, composable infrastructure.

"Our monolith is starting to break up and we're starting to abstract things into services," said Lambert. "The platform we've chosen to put them on is Kubernetes."

Getting bigger means also empowering teams to make their own technical choices. I don't think there's a single huge company that's using a single tech stack anymore.

Embracing Kubernetes means embracing Docker which means embracing the black box of containers. One of the valid reasons to use microservice architectures is when you have too many devs splitted in autonomous teams :)

I wonder if GitHub stops using Ruby on Rails, will their collaborators continue as active members of the ecosystem? Or will they shift to contributing in different technologies? Could this somehow reduce the rate of advances in Ruby development?

Rails isn't really designed for microservices (although it can be used for such), but I don't think they are going to throw it away in one day. If they stop using Rails altogether they will probably stop contributing also, but maybe some of the devs will do so in new gigs or on their own time. It's impossible to predict the future :D