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Discussion on: Ruby has the kindest programming community and I have the data to prove it

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C# is a language mostly used in companies, the mentality isn't the same as in some other technologies community.

Yeah but if they are on Github, it means we're talking about people who are familiar with opensource and want to contribute. Aren't they already more open minded towards opensource?

Microsoft is trying to make its ecosystem evolve, Edge is planed to be open source, they also released other open source projects.

Edge is not going to be opensource. It's going to be based on Chromium but the browser itself won't be opensource. Basically like Chrome: cross platform, based on chromium but closed source. BTW it's amazing to read that the browser will be kept cross platform! It makes sense for them, we'll see if it will make sense for users outside Windows too.

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Tommy Parnell

I don't think edge has any bearing on the conversation. Quite a bit of edge is c++ anyway. Edge is a product, just like oracle (the database). There is nothing wrong with companies close sourcing products if they choose. Having closed source products does not preclude you to not being open source friendly.

dotnet + c# is being built completely in the open. I think the unfortunate thing is the community is a little to quick to fall inline to what microsoft pushes. Many competing alternatives in the dotnet space get pushed aside to whatever microsoft ships. I think this has more to do with the community, and less to microsoft themselves.

There are some awesome examples of openness from microsoft's part such as the community standup. Most of dotnet core's performance improvements over the last year have been community contributions. I no longer code in c# professionally, but when I was in the dotnet space my real wish was that the community spent less time looking toward microsoft and more time looking toward themselves for awesome products.