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re: I agree with most of thomas' points so I'll just toss in my experiences to add to the mix. I agree the MacBooks are overpriced and some of the new...

Thank you, invaluable info you gave me. I've heard about windows instability, they had issues with the last service pack or the previous one right? I feel like due to the infinite combination of hardware and software Windows has to be compatible with, they will never have a smooth release. Even macos can have problems with that and they have to deal with orders of magnitude less combinations.

My parents have a Dell desktop with Windows 10 and had issues since day one. I've tried the "formatting" escape hatch once but still, didn't improve that much. Oem is always a coin toss.

Out of curiosity, how is the razr blade? That would be an alternative option hardware wise.


Windows is going through a phase right now. The hardware/software combinations isnt as much of an issue as their organizational structure. Hopefully they'll sort it out.

Razer products tend to be hit or miss. They're somewhat fragile so if you aren't gentle on hardware they're probably not a safe bet. If you treat your equipment with kid gloves (sleeves, padded cases/backpacks, always set it down carefully, no power cable yoinking) they're stable and reliable. Caveats accounted for they're definitely worth the premium, especially for the gunmetal options that eschew the gamer chic nuances.

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