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re: I am a long-term Windows user (MS-DOS, Windows 3.11 long-term) and I recently switched to Linux. Both Windows and Linux are moving fast in the rece...

Thanks Ivelin, I'm sure Ubuntu is better than before! I'm also bound to macOS or Windows because of Adobe software and other things that don't run on Linux and I don't want the hassle of a dual boot machine or a VM.

So it's either going to be another Mac or a Windows laptop. I'm lazy in this regard but I really do not want to have to fiddle everyday to make things work in some odd combination. I'd rather concentrate on solving problems with programming, this is why I've loved the macOS all of these years, it's Unix based and it gets out of the way 99% of the time.

Both Windows and Linux are moving fast in the recent years. Unfortunately, in different directions.

What do you mean by "different directions" ? Let me know about your experience in this regard. It seems like MS by releasing WSL is trying to catch up with developers that have a unix-like experience, who are probably the majority in the open source world.

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