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re: Windows is great but has too many problems with high-DPI / scaling / blurry text, which make it very hard to deal with. Plus MacOS has many other a...

Windows is great but has too many problems with high-DPI / scaling / blurry text

hahaha I guess so

from How to set up the perfect modern dev environment on Windows:

Lord, almighty fonts on Windows are terrible, and even uglier in any terminal application I can find. Microsoft has done some work to make Cleartype better, but it still physically pains me compared to MacType. I don’t know how to fix this.



I use a desktop Windows as my main PC, I love wsl (of course it has some limitation), hyper-v, application guard, sandbox, and much more. But lets say for example I want to increase only the font size of the system, I can do this in the "easy of access" setting. I have a 24" full hd display and if I scale it more than 125% the texts in the folders appear partially truncated. Even worst: the last version of Chrome seems to scale everything based on that setting too, so all the pages are scaled by default (and for "by default" I mean you don't even see the chrome lens icon on the top right warning you of this), which make impossible to debug correctly the design of a website. Also, if I use ctrl+f the text I type in the search field looks blurry. Of course I can go to the chrome app property and change its high dpi scaling behavior, but all the sudden I'll see the text on the tab too small for my taste (as default 100% scaling)...

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