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re: Maybe I should do a whole post on my experience with different dependency systems for Python 😅. The TL;DR is this: For Python-pure libraries it ...

Got it! I'l keep an eye on it for when it matures :D Please write the post!

Thanks, your discussion helps me a lot to think of what package manager I should use.

By the way, any thought on anaconda? I've been struggling with using both anaconda and pip, and they messed me up :(

I have limited experience with anaconda. It ended up causing me more trouble than it was worth. I guess all the bundled packages they include are useful for data scientists but they were unnecessary for me.

Personally I use pyenv on Unix-like systems for installing/managing more than one version of Python. If you try out pyenv make sure to have this page open, I’ve needed to run a command from it on every install (particularly on macOS).

On Windows the normal Python installer comes with the handy “py” launcher which has always been good enough for me.

I can’t say I’ve ever missed any package that conda has and I don’t. But again, I’m not a data scientist.

Pyenv works well, I have 4 different versions of Python installed on my Mac, plus the system python plus I think one from brew, never had a conflict. It's Pipenv that's slow sometimes

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