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Discussion on: To React or Not?

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rhymes • Edited on

Hi James, love your post and the questions you posed to yourself.

Let me start by saying that I don't think there's a "good" or a "bad" answer regarding the choice of React/Angular/Vue. Choosing one over the other won't make you a bad person. But I think that we're asked to do as human beings is at least think about some of the issues you raised here.

Regarding art created by people that are then discovered to be bad this, among other things, helped me frame the issue: What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?.

Going back to programming and the "React or not question", let me reiterate the fact there's no easy nor right/wrong answer, just what you and your colleagues feel it's okay and comfortable for you, because it's quite obvious that the company won't care if you James use or don't use React (they won't care about me either, they might care if "me/you" is multiplied by tens of thousands but that's an entirely different argument).

Let me add some food for thought: let's say you choose Vue, which clearly is the most "independent" one among the three you quoted, what happens if you find out that a despicable programmer or a programmer that works at company you strongly dislike has contributed a feature to the framework?

Clearly, it's not an easy choice the one based on ethics because it's not infallible and because as humans we're born with the ability of navigating grey areas and be fine with that. Otherwise we'd have never ending migraines because well, the world is full of these conundrums, every second of every day.

So, if choosing X over React makes you comfortable, you already have your answer.

technology doesn't exist in a vacuum, it is increasingly interwoven in our lives and if we are concerned with improving user's lives through better technology, shouldn't we who are in a position of choice make an ethical one?

I really do agree, I raised the issue in my post Unethical programming. The problem is that there's no clear answer every time, it would be too easy :D. In the series Goodbye Big Five (that I urge you to read), the journalist Kashmir Hill, tried to block each of the biggest tech companies for a week at the time and well, it was painful, the hardest being Amazon because through AWS they they provide uptime for a lot of services (Signal included for example).

What should you ultimately do? I have an opinion which is mostly based on my preferences of library/framework but I think you should come to your own decision on your own terms. I think your gut already has the answer you seek though, otherwise we wouldn't be here discussing :D

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James Author

Thanks for your considered reply, and the links, really interesting reading :-)