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Discussion on: Why I Quit a $500K Job at Amazon to Work for Myself

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Salaries for juniors (college grads) in Silicon Valley are around $100/120k.

He's clearly a senior and worked at a company whose revenue is 232 billion dollars and pays no federal taxes in the US.

500K a year, if you're really good, is not insane if you put in this perspective.

Still is a lot of money, that's true :D

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True. I've heard the same about devs in Silicon Valley. These pay figures are definitely not the same across the world. Many factors to consider there, of course, like cost of living.. In Nairobi, such salaries are reserved for those in management.

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I don't think 500k is a normal salary even in SV but it's more likely to be reached in big companies than in startups.

It's a lot of money everywhere!

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