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I switched back too, Sarthak. I have a mid 2012 Macbook Pro (with 16GB) and I have strong feelings against slow software (I can't stand "rails console" when it takes forever to start because... Rails) and although I love VSCode and appreciate a ton the work the team has done for the developer community, I ended up switching back to Sublime.

It all started last June with this tweet:

The obvious thought was: an extension gone haywire. Remove the plugin, remove the problem.

I then proceeeded like so and the result was:

I also tried to disable all extensions, but the culprit was the extension host, part of VSCode:

It might have been a particularly unlucky build of VSCode, but I still had to develop, I couldn't spend days researching.

It took me an hour to switch back to Sublime.

The startup time is faster than VSCode, I also noticed I don't actually need boatloads of extensions (VSCode's are generally fancier) and I have one less installation of Electron running all day :D

I switched in 3 months ago, I'm not regretting it.

The only thing I'm actually missing is how faster search/grep is in VSCode, the reason is they don't use JS/TS at all, but defer the search to ripgrep, a Rust command line alternative to "grep", much faster than the original.

If only ST3 did the same I'd have literally zero complaints about the IDE

(well, maybe only the fact it's not open source :))


Thanks for sharing your experience! Good to know ST is working well for you. πŸ˜ƒ


I haven't opened htop in a long time since I switched :D

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