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I think aliases are a personal choice, someone prefers to use it, and someone prefers to use tab completion.

When I switched from subversion to git, at the beginning I missed the short commands, but finally I started using tab completion.

As author said, aliases are indisposable to run commands with a specific options.

For my daily work, I don't use aliases, but I use "custom" commands for my daily workflow:

  • git branch-create $JIRA_ISSUE creates new branch from the right branch with the right name according our rules
  • git branch-sync <--rebase> Merges or rebases branch from the base branch(it's deducted by the branch name)
  • git pr simple ncurses interface to open a pull requests, you don't need to specify the base branch again
  • git branch-clean <--remote> Cleans local/remote branches which has been merged into master

We have more, but I think these ones may be interesting :D

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