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Thanks for this guide!

I found that this configuration essentially forces the "before-save-hook" to always run "clang-format-buffer" once you load a C/C++ file. This is fine if you're working on a project, but has the unintended consequence of formatting non-C/C++ files if you work on many different files. This is particularly cumbersome when editing something like a LaTeX file, where the position of the curly braces and whitespace tends to matter.

A much more robust way I've found is to do simply map the "C-x C-s" key (which is the default save key) to a function that formats then saves:

(defun format-and-save()

  (kbd "C-x C-s")

I have the same problem. I solved it by doing

(add-hook 'c-common-mode-hook 
  (lambda ()
    (add-hook (make-local-variable 'before-save-hook)

thank you both of them.
I will update for article and my init.el

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