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Discussion on: Maybe I Should Have Just Used create-react-app

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Ricardo Fuzeto

your reflections seem to be just a part of the natural process of experiencing Webpack. But it's absolutely NOT recommended to go with CRA as-is for developing projects to be deployed. According to Facebook crew itself, CRA should only be used for prototyping and testing, as their Webpack configuration is extremely shallow and optimized only for development purposes.

Knowing Webpack is mandatory if you wish to achieve performace levels such as the ones mentioned above. However, nowadays it's better to start off with CRA as there are libs that allow to extend CRA's config "on the fly", and that would be the best option to use when creating new projects with CRA and that are intended to go live.

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bugzpodder • Edited

Hi, I'm one of the current maintainers for create-react-app (we don't work at Facebook), and I want to point out that CRA is absolutely production ready. All of us have real world apps built using CRA's webpack configs. One exception is when you need SSR in production then CRA might not be the best tool to use out of the box, but SSR could be supported in a future version (there's already a PR out for it).