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For what I've seen in the field (and I'll be clear that my only experience so far is with software development and software management) not all companies go FULL SCRUM, or something like that, specially if currently all areas of the company are on the waterfall method.

What actually happens is that the enterprises rather have a foot on the terrain they already know (waterfall) than dive in head-first in something they are not even sure if works. What I've experienced so far is something like a "We're trying to implement Scrum, and we tell people that we use Scrum, but actually we still do a lot of things in the old fashioned way". And that is not something terrible.

What I can tell you is that agile is a great way to work and I absolutely love it! By no means I'd tell my squad to go back to waterfall. However, some people on the same company, but in a different area - for example finances - may disagree with me.

I think that what I'm trying to say is that sometimes we have a distorted vision on Scrum and other Agile concepts. The Agile may not be the fuel that will make your organization grow. But it may be. Agile is not the only option! (But I love it with all my heart).

What I think is really important is taking a time to understand if your organization will really benefit on using this practice, in the end, even waterfall may work on your team, if they really like and dive into it.


Great insight, thanks Ricardo!

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