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Discussion on: What programming best practice do you disagree with?

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Richard Cochrane

It probably sounds wishy washy but I hate (and my team hate) HAVING to do TDD - preferring to have it as another tool in the toolbox, to be used when the requirement supports it. I find TDD works really well when I know just what I want, i.e. I need a class for a report that can print, download via csv or display onscreen - I can take what was requested, write tests and then make sure that my code works all nicely. But sometimes dev is a bit more exploratory - the exact solution provided is one that we have to feel our way towards, where the requirements themselves are not completely certain and you have users who need to spend some time actually working with a rough version of the feature to refine their own requirement, TDD doesn't help. One could argue that this would necessitate a prototype stage as part of requirements (that occurs before dev starts) but when that prototype needs to be functional and it would be quicker (or more resource efficient) to show something in real code rather than building a completely separate prototype, tests first is a really big hindrance to exploring solutions.