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Discussion on: How Do You Get In The "Coding Zone"?

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"So the question is: how do you get yourself into this ominous mode of productivity?"

Ominous does not seem to be the word you want.

A beverage does not help. When I am in "the Zone", I am working. I do not even think of said beverage. Taken out of it, I will notice my beverage.

No tunes, too distracting.

I need: no phone calls, no meetings, no distractions.
This meant I was most often in "the Zone" after 5, when everyone else had gone.

I also need a good code base. Comments, good variable names, etc. If not, the first step is to clean the code.

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Brian C Author

Richard thank you for pointing that out! Ominous definitely wasn't the correct word.

I definitely agree with you on the "I need: no phone calls, no meetings, no distractions."

For me, I set my status on my company's chat service to "Busy", and let my team members know to message me afterwards.