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Discussion on: 4 Static Object Methods I Wish I Knew About Sooner

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Rico Brase

Just fiddled around with that idea. Should be as simple as extending the Array.prototype like this:

// Extend Array.prototype
Array.prototype.toObject = function () {
  return Object.fromEntries(this.filter(([key, val]) => key));

// Define demo object
const germany = {
  countryName: "Germany",
  capital: "Berlin"

// Use the newly added Array.prototype.toObject() method
Object.entries(germany).filter(([key, val]) => key === "countryName").toObject()

// Output: { countryName: "Germany" }

Note that I added just a simple check for the key in the toObject() method. One should add proper checks for valid object keys (e.g. check if the key provided is a string and convert it into a string otherwise, etc.) before usage. 😉

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Jeppe Reinhold

Sure, that works!
But I've never been a fan of extending built-in prototypes - seems like an anti-pattern to me.
It makes code harder to read and understand, and isn't very future proof (just look at #SmooshGate)

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Rico Brase

Totally agreeing with you on that one. 👍