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Onboarding a new developer.

A good on-boarding can

  • help feel the developer welcomed in the team
  • provide the developer an overview about how the teams work, best practices, team culture etc...
  • help him find his way around his first project. It's hard to imagine someone new, will be able to figure out everything on his own.
  • give faces to names. A face to face engagement is good opportunity for the team to meet the new guy and vice-versa.

What is it about?

  • Culture communication and etiquette
  • Coding standards
  • Internal system and processes
  • People and contacts

How to do it?

  • Mentoring
  • Documentation
  • Meetings, lunch
  • Pair Programming

Onboarding Checklist

Here is what this checklist may look like.

Before Start day

  • Setup Access. SCM, CI/CD, Slack, JIRA etc ...

First day

  • Intro Team

First week

  • Up to speed into ongoing projects.
  • Knowledge sharing.
  • Team lunch

First month

  • ... and so on

The above is a template to exemplify the idea, You should make your own itinerary that works best for your organisation/team

Although it might take time and effort from the team to prepare this, it is a superb investment in your next star "employee of the month". First impressions matter.

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