What note/snippet app do you use?

rijadhusic profile image Rijad Husic Updated on ・1 min read

Hi everyone, for quite some time now I'm in search of a great snippet and note-taking app.

For notes currently, I'm using Simplenote it's awesome for short notes because it has a mobile app to so I can access them anytime, but it isn't really good for code snippets :/

It would be ideal if the snippet manager had a vscode integration and but not mandatory uses GitHub gists.


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Aren't you satisfied with Simplenote's Markdown support?


How did I miss the markdown support :O I was using it just as a really simple note-taking app without any styling.

And for code snippets, it would be awesome to have something vscode integrated for easier use.


What do you mean with "VSCode" integration?


i use, codespace.app , it's great snippet app


At work I use a MacBook, and just use the Notes app. On my personal computer I use BoostNote.